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Hundreds of realtors use Donuka every day to optimize their work, spend less, and earn more. But how does Donuka help realtors?

Our tools


Use fewer resources collecting and analyzing real estate data by country, state, county, town, and even by specific streets.

View ready-made reports and create your own using our data (7+ billion records) and 40+ parameters for reports.


Reduce the time you spend on collecting and entering real estate data by a hundredfold. Instead, synchronize the data from the Donuka database and your CRM.

Daily updates via the API will allow you to always keep your data up to date, whether you have ten or one million properties stored in your CRM.

Downloading to Excel

Load up to 100,000 property or owner records into an Excel file. Customize the file so it only displays the columns you need. Loading data in bulk can help you save time.

PDF reports

Download PDF reports with graphs or property profiles for presentation or printing. Don't waste time on manual reporting.

Advanced object search

Use 40+ parameters to find the exact properties among the 100+ million listed that are right for you.

The advanced search function allows you to find real estate listings in a matter of minutes. Some of the parameters include:

  1. land area: 0.7 acres
  2. building width: 40 feet
  3. flooring material: hardwood
  4. roofing material: shingles
  5. pool: yes
  6. garage: yes
  7. location: Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, Los Angeles
  8. violations: none
  9. safe area: yes

Customer search

Donuka also collects data about property owners, real estate investors, frequent property buyers, and more.

By analyzing their behavior and data, it’s possible to identify people and companies who may be interested in acquiring new real estate properties.


Tracking changes to specific properties or the appearance of new pieces of real estate allows you to monitor the actions of competitors, customers, and others.

Keep a list of your competitors' properties and track their sales and profit potential.

Make a list of any properties of interest and be the first to know about any changes that occur.

Our numbers

  1. 100+ million US real estate properties.
  2. 7+ Billion real estate records.
  3. 10+ million entries added and updated every day.
  4. 2,000+ trusted sources of information.
  5. 10+ years of historical data.
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