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Donuka.com helps real estate investors find properties that can bring the highest returns and have the smallest risks.

With a huge database and state-of-the-art technical capabilities, Donuka is able to help investors find only the properties that appear to be good investments and that meet the parameters set by the investor.

Our numbers

  1. 100+ million US real estate properties.
  2. 7+ Billion Real Estate Records.
  3. 10+ million records are added and updated every day.
  4. 2,000+ trusted sources of information.
  5. 10+ years of historical data.

Our tools


Our available data and technical capabilities allow us to build charts and create reports based on property values and other indicators in the context of the state, county, town, and even the specific street.

Donuka can also make forecasts for real estate value growth that take into account various risk factors.

Advanced Search

An investor can select a list of real estate objects of interest to him using 40+ search parameters, including location, construction date, construction materials used, estimated cost, cost of the last sale, rate of growth in value, risk factors, etc.


After receiving a list of real estate properties, an investor can receive detailed information on each individual real estate property, including current and historical data.

The data obtained will reduce (or even completely eliminate) the risks of investing in a property and ensure that it is a sound investment.


The tracking function allows the investor to receive daily reports on properties of interest to him.

Donuka allows you to track changes for certain real estate properties and receive reports on new real estate properties according to specified parameters.

For example, you can only get a list of properties with an estimated value of more than 10% per annum.

Once you set up a tracking alert according to the criteria you are interested in, you will receive reports with a list of properties that may be a good investment for you.

Additional functions

  1. PDF Reports- Download property reports and analytics in PDF format for additional use, printing, and presentation.
  2. API- automate work with objects using the programming interface. Download the information and reports you need directly into your CRM or other application.

Why investors should use Donuka

A large collection of data is powerful. The more data we have, the more opportunities become available both to us and to our users. With our over 7 billion property records, we can:

  1. Generate extended reports.
  2. Make accurate forecasts.
  3. Perform detailed searches using 40+ parameters.
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