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With its huge database of properties and property owners, Donuka can help contractors find new clients.

How it works

  1. Every day, we receive detailed data on real estate properties from 2,000+ reliable sources, including applications for building permits, renovations, demolitions, and other types of work.
  2. All the data we receive is processed by our software and unified (converted into a single format, since data from different sources come in different forms).
  3. The contractor can, using the advanced search function, set the parameters (there are 40+ detailed search parameters available) that correspond to his criteria for finding new clients and receive a list of real estate properties. He will also receive a list of the properties’ owners and, if possible, their contact information.
  4. The contractor can also use the tracking function to set up an alert for new properties that meet his criteria and receive daily reports with lists of potential customers.


  1. Company "A" from San Mateo installs floor coverings in residential buildings. To search for new clients, the company uses the following search parameters:

    • application for a permit. type of work: laying floor coverings.
    • real estate property. location: California.
    • real estate property. property type: residential building.

    In this case, the search will find only those properties that match all of the above criteria at once.

    The company can also use the above criteria to set up a tracking alert and receive daily reports with a list of new properties that can become potential customers.

  2. Company “B” of Houston demolishes only large properties and operates only in Harris County. The company must use the following search parameters:

    • application for a permit. type of work: demolition
    • real estate property. location: Harris, Texas.
    • real estate property. area: >50,000 square feet.

    Similarly, the company can create a tracking alert that will allow it to receive reports with a list of all new properties that meet the above criteria and automatically replenish its base of potential customers.

Why contractors should use Donuka

  1. Significant savings in time and money. The advanced search and tracking alert functions significantly reduce the amount of time spent searching for new customers.
  2. Maximum clients. A huge database of relevant data allows companies to find potential customers in all 50 states.
  3. Automation. Companies receive lists of leads and their contacts directly in their CRM or can upload their lists to Excel.
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